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1. Do I have to pay extra shipping if I order several items?

NOPE! As long as all items are being shipped to the same address, you pay the stated flat rate charge for the first item and then the remaining items ship for free! Please note that we don't personally set the flat fee for the first item shipping, so check the amount listed on the product page during purchase.

2. Why isn't the design I want shown in all colour choices?

Likely because of conflicting print colours. A design with white lettering won't print well on a white background unless there is a black border added. Same is then true for red elements on red backgrounds and so on. If there is a design you really REALLY want but can't get it in your fav colour/item, drop us a dm and we will see if we can make that happen.

3. Is it true that a dog is in charge?

Absolutely! We have a CED - Chief Executive Dog. He is control of snax, walkies and has input on design work. He does a good job because he totally is a good boi.